Creative Malden, Inc is a nonprofit organization founded in March 2022.  

We are an outgrowth of a vision and movement of artists and art entrepreneurs who wanted to provide accessible and affordable art and culture to the Malden community.  In 2016 we started as an art space and shop called The Gallery. We had to close due to lack of funds.  Later, with the support of Mayor Gary Christenson and Business Development Director Kevin Duffy, we were afforded the opportunity to get a permanent space on Pleasant Street.  The Gallery@57 weathered the pandemic, but we could not afford to pay our creatives for doing artful community events.

Thus, in March of 2022, Creative Malden, Inc. was founded to raise funds for community events, artists, and art space. Creative Malden is the next step in developing the artists’ 2016 vision of unleashing local creativity in a space where art commerce, exhibits, and performances can thrive together.

Creative Malden believes our community is strengthened in every way by the arts. More than just a source of beauty and entertainment, arts and culture builds community bonds, improves personal health, and strengthens our local economy.

Creative Malden seeks to: 

  • Provide opportunities for local artists to bring their work to the community.
  • Connect local artists to one another to foster innovation across creative fields.
  • Provide diverse creative and cultural experiences.
  • Support a growing local arts and culture sector and the creative economy.
  • Provide support for arts and culture education.