I am so grateful I had this opportunity to beautify our city with painting one of the switchboxes next to the Malden Station. This has been my dream for almost 10 years, and finally it came true!

There are so many layers of meaning in my project:

Artistic expression: be it opera singing, play or book writing, or painting, all of it is needed! Art is great, and it makes the world better! 

Opera: I wanted Malden residents to learn about the music scene in Malden and in particular the Mystic Opera that brought opera to our city.

History: The front of the box features images of William Shiloh and Frank Converse who both played a part in the grim events of the murder at the bank robbery at the First National Bank in Malden back in 19th century.

Book and play writing: These historical events were the inspiration for the book Abel Bodied: Murder at the Malden Bank written by a local author Michael Cloherty, which then became the base for the play Shiloh’s Razor produced by the Mystic Opera.

Personal: During the time I was working on the switchbox, my son’s father passed away, and I was able to dedicate the box to him. This project has been such a learning and healing experience, and I hope the people of Malden will enjoy seeing it and learning more about Malden history and the flourishing art scene.