More about the MALDEN IS A HAPPY CITY:

Why I painted that? I have seen people tense on roads, honking, trying to overtake, so engrossed in their worries. Please take time to be with your inner peace and relax. Take out the time to think about the blue sky, fresh water, family, friends, pets, birds, squirrels, bunnies….. Try to keep Malden city clean and beautifulwith our expressions. Picking up trash early morning on a foggy day like our mayor Gary Christenson.

Painting a switch box with bright colors with Creative Malden, exhibiting artworks in Malden library, having summer festivals, making a Covid wall art, celebrating special days with community in parks, in schools makes Malden a Happy City for me. I feel so proud to be a Malden resident. I hope every resident always feels the positive creative vibes. Creating a switch box from start to finish took time and dedication.

I hope everyone enjoys the message and the vibrant colors of my switch box.